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Welcome to cooltool.ca,
a hub of industrious activity!

No pain, no gain. Yea, no work, no grub. If you do not act, nothing happens. These sayings are not old-fashioned. In case you have not noticed, no matter what EASY business you get talked into by smooth, sweet sounding hype of instantaneous reward, it still requires effort from you to make it happen. On one hand the sales letters bemoan the endless hours spent writing and creating webpages, advertising and more while promising to do away with that work if you buy, but as soon as you have your product you still end up doing those things. Everything boils down to getting customers, just the one thing you really need.

So now what? The web is plastered full of ideas that are great. You probably put money into every affordable promise of wealth. You now just have to create a pattern, a niche, a line of relating or complimentary products that give you organization and a handle on a business, or a store, or service that does not confuse your visitor. You might have to discard some things and maybe create a few new things. This site can become the way to your internet business blueprint.

If you are as busy as I am, you need to organize your time. Life is not all a computer, the internet, your business. We have to create balance in our lives. If we only work we become the statistics all these sales letters talk about. Burnt out. Plan, organize, act, stick with it. Learn to work smart by first educating yourself.

Industrious activity produces results. Industry is creative, it manufactures. Creating and manufacturing are actions. Even if you can save a few steps by buying a tool or software that assists you, or even a blueprint to guide you, it will still require your own efforts.

When I was a kid, I learned that I was a person with ability to do things. If you look at your little children and consider, they all want to help. It is later that they become lazy and unresponsive if the natural inclination to contribute is not used and appreciated when they are small. I also learned that I often received what I wished for, if I did the chores I was assigned, usually in direct proportion to the amount of effort I put into my work. That was not child labour: That was teaching responsibility for one's own existence.

Today few are willing to put in the effort required to achieve. How about you? You do not need to be a part of the 95% that never got anywhere.

Check out the links all over this page and see if there is something that can help you in your business, in your life, to make things better. Bookmark this site! and keep coming back. We will add more items and provide you with resources and things to think about. Once in a while shut off your computer and putter among the roses in your garden. Oh you don't have one? Consider a flowerpot with a plant. It restores the mind to dig in the dirt.

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